Dubai servers not working!?


I just saw Dubai servers pop up, and I got 10 ping! I was so excited…but I can’t join the DM or host any PUGs on the servers? :confused:


Hi @CaptCuddles,

Thanks for the feedback on ping. Our Dubai infra is still in a testing phase and might not work as of now, we’ll keep you updated when it becomes available.


Thank you, how long can we expect to have to wait?


Well, we don’t have an ETA yet.


@shaan7 i am amazed that you guys thinking of Dubai server as it will help lots of GCC countries.

but a question, why can’t i see Mumbai 1 - i used to play in that server with 46ms, and now i can’t see any Mumbai 1 server.


Mumbai 1 had to be discontinued because of large DDoS attacks, we switched to another provider (which you see as Mumbai 2 now) who has better resilience to such attacks.


@shaan7 ok but still Mumbai 2 for us who lives in Dubai is 140+ ms

Mumbai 1 used to be 50 ms max :frowning:

any suggestion ?


Hey Emi, give WTFast a shot if possible. I have heard it fixes the ping to a lot of users.


You can also take a look at this High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is

It won’t really solve your ping, but at least we get to see where exactly your ping is going so high. It’ll be nice if you can share your WinMTR screenshots.


ill do that later and ill share it with you.

but let me first say thank you as i today i subbed and i really enjoyed it a lot .

i always been looking for Anti cheat server that has good ms for us who lives in Middle East.

i created a server in Bangalore 1 and i have 55 ms max …

thank you for the experience <3 keep up the good work.


Hi @emi, very happy to know you liked the service (and thanks for subscribing!). There’s a small thing I’d want to clarify - we had been using EAC for anticheat which we disabled as lots of players had issues with it. So as of now we rely on VAC and community reports. Going forward we plan to do our own anticheat but till then if you encounter cheaters, please report them here or (or use .bug ingame as that will automatically share pug details with us).



i did as you asked me to do, so find the two servers for Mumbai 2 Only:

i have no idea why i some servers i created i get high ping and in some i create i get very good one…

i didn’t try to “Que to find a server which is the Play for points and leaderboard” as i may get high ping server.

any solution or idea what is going on ??

thank you once again…

1- Low ms (great to play) …

2- high ms (not good tbh) …


TODAY i joined a game as Quick Play and i got this server Mumbai 2


Hmm thanks a lot for the screenshots. What seems to be happening is that even though the servers are in the same datacenter, your ISP is taking different routes for different IPs (we don’t use the same IP to make it harder to DoS). This is something our Play service does not factor in, we’ll make adjustments so it does.


@shaan7 thank you mate for the reply, waiting your adjustments <3