Dubai server or india or singpore on Sostronk ? bad ping +200


Hello Team

i’m playing in

ESEA / dubai servers with ping 5
india / ping 50
singpore / 80

why in Sostronk ping 300 ?

and i can’t even search for match because i have bad ping

im new here and i want to try to play




We used to have servers in Dubai but we had to remove them because of low interest from the region. Right now we only have SEA servers. However, you can check your traceroute using WinMTR, I have written a guide here High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is


you should bring Dubai Servers back because there too many tournaments coming soon in Sostronk and the players will play in your website when they see dubai servers here or at least EU servers or india server (the close one to dubai ) so you will bring more players to here
if you keep your servers close no one will come they will visit the website and they will leave like me

i hope you understand this
thank you


@ArrowK1nG We really appreciate your feedback and your interest in SoStronk.

The reasons you mentioned are exactly why we had our Dubai servers back in 2017 during tournament season (and we kept them like for 4-5 months, ask @Ryuk). We are obviously excited to have servers at every location that we have fans like you, but the reality is that as of now we have no funds to invest in Dubai again. (Added to that, what makes it even harder is that datacenters in/around Dubai are very expensive).

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what about india / New Delhi Servers it’s close to Dubai ?

can you do it at least please

thank you



We do not have plans for a New Delhi DC as of now (although we’re working on improving our Mumbai DC). Do stay tuned to your twitter/facebook accounts for more news.