DM Servers inproperly configured. High Choke

Hey admins, I want to point out that almost everyone on DM servers gets upto 20% choke usually when server is full i.e. 16/16 . AFAIK choke is when server sends more data that usual.

Came across this topic on reddit.

hopefully is helpful.

Also I want to point out that I do not get any choke on practise or pug servers. Also choke on DM in very low when number of people are below 12/16 .

Another thread someone else posted : Sostronk dm server choke problem .
Also I do not get any choke on other 128 tick community servers. Pls look into it.


Also the post mentions when more than 1000 bytes are sent in 1 tick , next tick chokes… and when someone peeks you , it is more likely to send more than 1000 bytes… which is also most often happens when server is 16/16 full…
It kinda gets annoying when you get choke exactly when someone is about to attack you :unamused: .
Pls fix.

We have implemented this on our Bangalore DM server for testing. As of now its performing well, after some more testing we will propagate this to the rest of our servers.

Played on Bangalore DM today.
Choke stayed at 0% most of the time, max it ever went was 1% which is normal i guess.