DM Server Setup

Hey guys
Completely new to the SoStronk network.
Super kicked that you guys have all these servers in multiple locations.
Havent played CS for atleast a good 10+ years and would like to hone my skills before attempting the multitude of PUG servers available.

With that in mind, how does one create a DM server?
Also, how can i create a server with an aim_ map? Do those still exist?
Last question, if using a practice server, once players in my team join CT’s or T’s respectively, how do we start a normal game? We tried the .r command, but that didnt start the game. From the help menu, i was only able to start a round, but that ended once the opponents died.

Pardon the newbie questions, but I couldnt find more info on these matters in the FAQ or the forums.
Thanks in advance

Hi @sharkbait

While you can create PUG/Scrim/Practise servers of your own, we do not enable DM server creation as it would lead to multiple DMs being created with just a few players in each. We have a 16 man FFA DM running at all times in all our locations: Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore & HK, for you to join.

Aim_map servers are something we are planning on down the line, but other aspects take more priority at the moment. But it is something we plan to include down the line.

Coming to your last query, practice servers are launched with certain commands for teams/players to practise various things like smokes/eco executes/full buy executes etc. It is not meant for a full practice game as such.

For a normal game, you can either launch a PUG server and populate it with your teammates and/or wait for other randoms to join. OR you can click on the play icon on the app, and create your own 10 man lobby, which is a private invite only 10 man PUG server for your teammates/friends to play in exclusively with no randoms joining.

Hope this helps.


Hi @bleh
Thanks for taking the time out to reply and clarify all the questions I had.
I feel incredibly indebted to a company like you guys for the effort that you are undertaking.
Trust me, back in the day, something to the magnitude of what SoStronk are trying to do now is truly remarkable and commendable.
Like the other thread, I joined some PUGs recently over the last few days and lo and behold, got screwed big time. Vote kicked a couple of times too. Thats the main reason I inquired about some practice servers where a couple of us can catch up on all that lost time and see if we can get any of our lost skill back. Atleast to manage simple pick up games.

In your reply you mentioned something to the effect of starting a 10man PUG of my choice. Do all 10 slots have to be filled or can we create such PUG with just a few players and start the server and end it whenever we like? I’ll test this service out tonight, but just thought I’ll get some clarity too.

Thanks again for responding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words mate!

Currently, the 10 man pug needs all slots to be filled. What you could try is create a PUG server and populate your side with a few friends (so no vote kicks :D) The remaining slots will be filled by others players.


Thanks for the quick response @bleh
I think me and my friends will stick to the DM servers.
Getting great pings to the server here. WIll practice there and then move up to the PUGs in a couple of days.
For now though, thanks for doing this guys.

Any of the old timers (gamers) around btw? Wiley from pune, bi2 from skirmish? Do those guys also play on here? Would love to watch one of their games if they still around. God its been so long!

@sharkbait also, we’ll be releasing our first Party feature very soon which will let you do that in the app itself. It will be followed by matchmaking as well.

i have a suggestion for one more type that is retake site practice many of u might know about this but it vl help players alot to get warmed up

@shaan7 That will be most excellent man.
The 212 + 110 odd deaths in two DM games were enough battering for a week I think.

I have one recommendation though. Dont know how you guys will react to it, but collating a general guidelines with information related to Server Setup and Configs and pinning it to the top of the boards will certainly help newbies like me for sure.

Thanks again for SoStronk. Its too much fun! Cheers