Disconnecting and Intentionally cancelling the game

Today I, VjPower, was in a game with my friends in cache. We were winning the game 15-5. We were satisfied and happy that we would win the game and receive a respectable IR. At the beginning of the 21st round the entire opposition disconnected. The game was cancelled and none of us received any benefits of winning a match. They disconnected intentionally in order to protect their stats and rank. Two of the members of the other team were- Re_3nTrY and Rev0lution. I do not remember the rest of the opponents as no history or record of the match was left. Kindly look into this issue. Thank You.

Note for admins reviewing this, the PUG link is https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5646475807162368

We are fixing this issue altogether, where it won’t be possible to abandon the game by leaving. Till then, one of the admins will review your case.