Didnt receive my Items

Hello there almost a week or so and didnt receive the weapons I ordered from market…

Or shal i literally wait 14 daays !

My Alias is _ HiTMaN _ ( without spaces between underscores and name)

Thanks server guy and his friends :slight_smile:

At least someone Enlighten me about how much ppl regularly wait O_o !

I ordered my skin on 8th march. It’s been 2 weeks and still it says order pending :expressionless:

Woah !! they must be facing hard times ! or LOADS of orders …

Not Bumping Or anything … but would LOVE a Word from one of the staff or " Leaders " .

@shaan7 @ServerGuy

Yep, we’re a bit loaded with order right now so most of them can take the max 14 days. We have plans for making it better as we know it kinda sucks to wait for that fancy skin for so long :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep indeed it sucks but thanks for the Headsup man really appreciated, Hope everything is going well with you Guys.