Create Server Doesn't show anything after clicking!



Create server button doesn’t show anything after clicking the button.

It works with my brother and cousins, but not with me.




That sounds like some bug with the window positioning. Does the Create Server button get disabled once you click it?


Yes it does.


Thanks for reporting, this has been fixed in today’s update. Try it out and let us know if it works :smile:


Hello, the problem still hasn’t been fixed for me. When the program starts, it opens on the really right off my screen and i have to drag it to the middle. Create server still doesn’t work.


Hmm do you use a multi monitor setup? What are the resolutions of your screens?

Also, can you open Registry Editor (regedit), go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Archetype\SoStronk and post the screenshot here? (don’t worry, it doesn’t have any personal info)



Yes I use dual screens,

1st [ Main monitor ] 1920x1080 144Hz
2nd monitor 1920x1080 60Hz



I changed create server_x to 907 and create server_y to 549

and it WORKED!!!

I took those numbers from my cousin!