Country Location , IP BLOCK


How can i make a Direct contact with an Admin ?
There is a problem
Iran is in the list of allowed country into your website .
but we cannot connect without using VPN or Proxy ,
What should we do ?

i think you blocked our country from your website !
we dont have access to yourwebsite and the Client without VPN and Proxy .
Check it plz

Skype ID : cyrexforce
Email :



This is an unfortunate consequence of the fact that is hosted on Google AppEngine which being an American company blocks access to some countries which includes Iran.
For now, you’ll need to use a VPN to access the website and the app. However, I recommend that you ask your VPN software to allow your normal CS:GO traffic to go directly.


HiWhy you dont wanna fix this ?If we use a VPN our ping goes to 300-400ms ! actually impossible to play .We have access on every website but is the only one that we dont have access on it .


We want to fix it, but for that we have to either change US Government laws, or move to another platform than Google AppEngine. Both of them are very very difficult and can take months.

As I explained, you have to find a way to configure VPN software so that only goes through VPN, NOT the game server. This way your game server data will not use VPN and ping will be normal.