Cooldown Related Queries - READ THIS FIRST

We understand getting cooldown isn’t really cool :rofl:

The most common issues are stated below. Do not create a thread/topic if the question is already answered below. Your thread will be closed immediately.

I keep getting the RETRYING error in console!

This usually happens when 2 more more players are playing from the same network. CSGO assigns each player a port (invisible to us). When it detects the same port on another player trying to connect, the conflict results in one of the players getting the ‘retrying’ error.

This can be fixed by right clicking your CSGO game in your steam games list > Properties > Set Launch Options. Then enter the following text : +clientport 2701X (port number can be entered from a range of 27000 - 65000) in 99% of cases, this will solve the issue. Just keep in mind that it has to be 5 digits.

I accepted but the JOIN button did not show the IP.

It sounds like your app didn’t receive the server details for some reason. Its near-impossible to find out why it might’ve happened but for now I suggest the following if it happens again ->

Go to Server Browser and Refresh

Come back to home and see if the JOIN button gives you an address now

If that doesn’t work, see if you can manually locate the server in the server browser

If none of that works, see if restarting the app helps

I lost power, please remove my CD

No. Losing power and/or Internet is a client side issue and cooldowns won’t be removed for that. However, certain subscription tiers limit the max duration of your cooldown (for example from 3 days to a single day). Make sure to have the appropriate subscription activated before you get the cooldown, it won’t work after you get the cooldown.

I disconnected and tried to reconnect but the server kept kicking me.

Its highly possible that someone took your slot as a ringer. You only have 3 mins to join the server. certain subscription tiers will give you get an extra minute to join the server before your slot is open for a ringer.

I got a CD while I was in a pug

This usually happens if you joined a random pug as a RINGER for a game from the server browser and were searching for a pug in the background. DO NOT join a pug as a RINGER if you are already SEARCHING for a pug. STOP SEARCHING and then join an existing pug as a RINGER.

i got cd and joined as soon as i got cd but couldnt join bcz a random player already joined
and that guy wass not listening to leave the sv he thought he would get a cd pls remove my cd

@1Nfamous from what I can see you had already got a CD because you didn’t join during the 4 minutes (as you are a sub) the server waits before giving CD. Once those 4 mins are gone, you got CD and your slot was opened for a ringer to join.

That is correct. Any player who leaves a PUG before it finishes will get a CD.

Cooldowns can be cleared only if it was a server issue.

i got a cooldown after the server shut down automatically help

i am subscriber and got 3 days cd. Can anyone help ?

I got dc by the pug server all of the sudden and now i am not able to connect to it. The game is still live none has come to take by place but still i am not able to join. after few tries it gives me a error surver full though none has taken my Place. What the HELL IS GOING ON. No issue from my site this stupid server. And now though the match is on I have been issued a COOLDOWN WTF