Cooldown for no reason;Box kept saying pls join after 10 sec

Hey i was playing a match and got disconnected due to net issues.
I had much time to reconnect to the match but it wouldnt let me connect.
It kept saying that “pls try again after 10 sec” when i already waited for 2 min.
Then i get a 24 hr cooldown. what should i do now?
plz remove my cooldown and fix this shit


The message “please try again after 10 seconds” will come if you are attempting to join during the Half-time pause. This is a technical limitation due to the way CS:GO swaps teams. The moment the halftiime pistol round is over, you will be able to join (even if your cooldown has started, as long as you’re joining the same game).

thank you one of ur admins has fixed my issue thanks for helping

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