Cooldown for 3 days


Hi team am m@gnus last map I played cobblestone with mistercoolone and 3 randoms and opponent deathlord. So we played full match and last round I leave u can watch demo but when I quite it showing m join but there was no ip still I joined but the message comes this server are shutting down make another and then I got cooldown for 3 days and mistercoolone also got 2hrs cd… What’s wrong man I want to play… Plz watch the demo and remove my cd it was me 1v4 on pistol I died after plant maybe they didn’t defused the bomb… I don’t know plz look my matter


I have reset the cooldown for now. Do NOT leave the server till the game gets over (i.e. the win screen with scores show up).


Thanks a alot admin we need this type of support from sostronk yes from now
onwards I won’t leave server.


Hey shaan. I also got a 2 HR CD when i left after the game ended with mangus. Can you please reset mine as well?

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