Cooldown appeal


My internet just timed out, and I got a 24 hour ban…I understand the reason cooldowns are there (To keep the flow of gameplay and to stop rage quiters) but this honestly was out of my control and I was halfway through a round and just poof I’m gone. I’m spoken to Nemz on steam and he told me to come here. Can we get this removed? Thanks.


Hi @CaptCuddles,

Internet going poof is one of the realities of life and IMO making an exception just for that is difficult. I think you’ll have to understand the amount of such requests we will get - plus the fact that its impossible to determine if it was an innocent timeout (like in your case), or a deliberate one (pulling out the LAN cable, for example).

Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:


I do understand that… but please understand I’m left in the open now, as my MM is currently bugged and I get 300 ping or more. I have waited 14 hours… with another 10 hours to go, I can’t play anything today (I’m home all day) as I can’t play matchmaking. I beg that you just make an exception as I apologise for my unreliable ISP and that this is out of my control. I understand that you have no way of proving that I didn’t just pull out my cable and rage, but I would hope you appreciate the effort that I’m putting into getting this taken away and put it into consideration ( I also instantly messaged a staff member telling him what happened) I would be grateful if you could at least shorten the time of the cooldown.

Thanks for understanding :slight_smile: