Cool-down in 5 sec. after 1st sv got up


today @ 1:10pm our first sv got up after some update or something
when i joined the sv and typed .r and game started as there were 9 people already on sv and after 5 sec. i got timed out(in freeztime of first round) ;
I checked my connection it was fine
i checked sv in game server browser it was working fine as there were 8 people still playing
I checked sostronk app and it was saying connecting … connecting…
It wasn’t possible to join the sv as my app wasn’t running (i tried 2-3 times) then i did end task from task manager and relaunched the app still the same issue
after some time it did connect but it showed “you have a cooldown for 23hrs. 58min … sec”

I donno what went wrong there but it was something about the app or something like that

where was the issue and what can i do if same thing happens next time??