Constantly getting matched against high ranks ( high skilled )

I am a new player and is matched against GE and other high ranks , constantly getting abused by teammates .
fix your broken matchmaking .

We do not use Valve matchmaking ranks for matching up.

when asked about what mm rank they are , they said GE GG

So what wrong did they say? They could be GE on MM servers. But what @shaan7 is saying here is they could be matched against you regardless what rank they have on MM servers. SoStronk uses their own ranking/matching algorithms.

what i am trying to say is that new players must me matched against new players . not with king cobra ranks

check my match history and you will know what i am talking about

Hi @Sachin_Rocks
The matchmaking system actually attempts to match equally skilled players. It will not match you with a king cobra unless few minutes have passed by but there are no players around your skill level. At that point you will be matched with whatever players are available in the queue.

i can understand you mate, same happens with me, but don’t give up, play with GE’s for a few days and u will adapt, just mute toxic players.

ok bro i will :slight_smile:

sostronk is full of pros , i have not met a single guy GN level , all are above it GG

Play with me, I’m GN3 xD

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ok whats your steam name ? we can play together

lol @shaan7 @Sachin_Rocks