Concern Over Violation of Rule


Hello Officials of SoStronk, as captain of RVNCS I would like to voice my concern over a team that we are scheduled to play tonight in the DREAMHACK MASTERS LAS VEGAS - ASIAN QUALIFIER - SOUTH EAST ASIA.

We will be playing versus Team TehTarik (

We are not here to argue or to create any sort of commotion. Nor do we have any personal history with any of the other team’s players, however, we feel that this issue must be discussed with SoStronk Officials.

It is very clear that Team TehTarik is in direct violation of the country restriction placed on the different region qualifiers. In the Info section of SEA Qualifier it states…

Countries Allowed to Participate

Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam. If your country is not listed here please check the other qualifiers.

However, all of the players in Team TehTarik are from Maldives. The country Maldives is listed under _“INDIA & MIDDLE EAST” as seen…

Countries Allowed to Participate

India, UAE, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Iran, Maldives, Palestine. If your country is not listed here please check the other qualifiers.

In the rulebook it states…

A team may receive a sanction if one of his players commits any of the following offenses:

Receives more than one warning;
Is guilty of violent conduct;
Uses any unlawful or unfair proceedings;
Mislead or dupe any tournament official.

An entire team consisting of Maldive players have directly faked their team nationality in order to play in the SEA Qualifiers. This violates the integrity of the regional qualifying system and the integrity of the sports we play called CS:GO.

Here is a screenshot of the team’s captain’s sostronk (misleading location/nationality), his steam profile (clearly shows is from Maldives) and his faceit account (again clearly shows is from maldives)

The next player has his nationality as Maldives on SoStronk profile…

And the next player, also stating his/her nationality as Maldives on his/her SoStronk profile…

The next player has his/her SoStronk profile as Maldives, Steam Profile as Maldives and it clearly states on his profile “Amateur CSGO / Dota2 player from Maldives.” Furthermore, he/her recently played in "2016 CS:GO IeSF World Championships / 13-16th (Team Maldives) " as the Maldive’s national team.

And the last player having both SoStronk & Steam Profile as Maldives

All the screenshots can be found here even though none are in order, i tried to upload photos but it restricted me with one photo for new users so i uploaded in imgur.

I’m sure with a couple minutes of research into each player all the evidence will be clear.

If SoStronk officials do not wish to enforce the regional restrictions and their rules we will play the game tonight. However, it is definitely an issue that we wish the admins looked into with length.

Thank you very much for your hard work,


Hi kOh,
Thanks for bringing up this concern and detailed post. We are investigating.