Common FPS drops problem


As a player who uses sostronk client to play a pug/tournament/practice, I would like to point out that when I add the client as a ‘non-steam game’ and join their servers, I notice that whenever I shift+tab in-game it also shift+tab to the client which affect the game itself causing low fps. For a person to play in a “internet cafe”, we often have to add it to ‘non-steam game’ library so we can use it. but for those who play in their house, they can just open it from the desktop without running it with the steam. I hope the message is clear and somebody can do something about it.

your fellow player, morpheos.


Hmm we haven’t tried running SoStronk from Steam, we will test it out.

(P.S. we have noticed in the past that even the opposite - launching the game from SoStronk causes random FPS drops. As this is outside our control, we recommend always using copy address)