Come to Dubai guys!

@shaan7 - addressing to you but someone hopefully will respond. I have sent an email to support as well. Guys - seriously, what is stopping you from coming to Dubai? For the first time I saw ping below 100 yesterday after I got the major software update done and it looks good but on the long run I’d love it if we had 10 ping like I have in Dubai MM due to Valve. You are in Singapore for the SEA region. Come to Dubai for the MEA region!

What exactly is stopping you? I work with one of the two ISP’s here and there is a lot going on as far as new business is concerned and I could do my best to get you involved with the managed cloud aspect of things if that’s a possibility. You may be stuck with a lot as of now but considering you already have the Infrastructure knowledge - make it happen please!

Come to Dubai or tell me how we the folks from here could help!


@Petrichor ^ reply to him already dude :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ryuk we’ve got your support ticket and we’d looooooove to come to the Gulf, Anand will be getting back to you on this.

Good! I will pester you guys - no worries :wink: