Client keeps on playing the "piting" tone and eats up all my bandwidth


The client does this very often for me If I cant find a match after searching for too long, the piting tone plays and starts searching again, but this time it keeps eating my bandwidth, also, if I restart it plays the tone again and starts eating all of 2.5mbps bandwidth. Add a progress bar or something, the app is getting really unstable day by day. Fix it.



The app does make network calls when it starts to get data about servers, players, matches etc but after that it should be stable.

We have added a tone that will play if you have unread notifications, it is not related to searching a game nor does it make any network calls.

How much? While searching its supposed to make a network call every 5 seconds which returns couple of KBs of data.

Progress bar for?

We pushed an update today morning which reduces bandwidth consumption on startup.