Cd remove pls help


I got 2hrs ban but the sv lagged my lanny was in the same game but he didnt lagged and i evn quit the game didnt join and evn restated the pc i couldn’t join pls remove asap



I’m afraid cooldowns can only be removed for server issues.


It was a sv issue i could hear ppl talking but couldn’t move was stuck then i dc’ed and tried to join but couldn’t i restated the game but same thing restated the pc but couldn’t whereas my lanny in the same game didnt lagg or anything of this sort happened i wasted my 2hrs today thnx to ur fast replies


Exactly what I am saying as well. If it was a server issue then all 10 players would’ve experienced the same.

Sometimes CS:GO can have client-side bugs, but unfortunately there is no way for us to verify that and know if it was a bug or intentional. It sucks, but thanks to some players, thats how it is.