Casual Servers .!?


It would be good if SoStronk try and create a casual servers :smiley: like 32 slots. As there is only one casual server as far as i know โ€ฆ I heard from many friends that they want casual servers like before (like Jo!ster,oAo), they are very eagerly waiting for such servers to play on :wink:
i donโ€™t know whether its a bad or good idea , just sharing what i think is necessary :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you,


We provide dm, hsdm and soon even 1v1 multimod arena as all these servers directly impact competitive play. We understand casual servers are often the starting point for many players but its slightly outside the vision of SoStronk as an eSports company first and foremost.


oh thanks :smiley: and sorry for such bad idea :stuck_out_tongue:


No ideas are bad. We have toyed with the idea before, but right now, we cannot afford the distraction. All in good time


it might be against your vision but with valve closing Indian servers (donno for how long), there is a dire need for casual and dm servers 24/7 in India. It seems you guys are looking to esea for inspiration but the Indian scene is slightly diff. EU and NA have Valve servers for casual and dms while we dont. I would advise you boot up a couple of vmโ€™s and and add few full time 10 v 10 dms and casuals :smiley: my 2 cents. Itโ€™ll also help with exposure guys. Please do not imitate ESEA as the exposure and situation here are very different.