Can't Screate Server


The create server button just presses but nothing happens, it used to before but now it doesnt, plz help


do the other buttons next to “Create Server” work?


Hi, we are aware of the bug and need help from you guys to make sure whats wrong.

Can you do the following-

  1. Restart SoStronk App
  2. Click Create Server
  3. Press Alt+F4 ONLY ONCE

After pressing Alt+F4 ONCE, does SoStronk close?


I’m facing the same issue after updating to the recent version “dce06b0”. The Launch button doesn’t do anything.


I’ve tried reproducing the steps you’ve mentioned.

On pressing Atl + F4 only once, doesn’t close SoStronk, it just closes the create server screen.


Hi, the steps I mentioned are only when you cannot even see the Create Server dialog.

If the Create Server dialog opens up but Launch doesnt show the Connect dialog, try the same steps with that-

  1. Click Launch
  2. Press Alt+F4 ONLY ONCE

Does Create Server get closed if you press Alt+F4 ONCE ?


Hello Shaan,

I clicked launch, no Connect dialog showed up, and then I hit Alt+F4. The Create server dialog closes when I press Alt+ F4 Once.


Hi, the create server dialog works.

The issue is that nothing happens when the “Launch” button is pressed.

EDIT: After pressing Launch, and then pressing Alt+F4 ONLY ONCE, the create server dialog does NOT get closed. It remains the same as seen in the screenshot.

Second EDIT: Ok, it closes if I use RIGHT ALT + F4.


Mine closes on pressing Alt+F4 only once, once the launch button is clicked. Kinda odd.


Confirmed. Works. My left ALT key is probably dead.

EDIT: Just to be clear, the SoStronk app itself doesn’t close after clicking Launch and hitting Alt+F4. Only the create server dialog closes and SoStronk’s main screen is seen.


Thanks for the effort guys, we’ve found the problem and we’re fixing it. Expect a update in some time.


Hi guys, please try with the latest update if the Create Server works.


yesss, they do


thanx bro it works again, love yall, wish to play with u again(if u remember)


yay, thanks :slight_smile:


Brilliant work, it’s fixed! :smile:

EDIT: Loving the chat update. :smiley:


Cool, thanks for the kind words :smiley: