Cant Play PUGs Stuck In Queuing... Help



Why i cant search / find a PUG match, im a subscriber.

it always say

Searching For Games…

Player In-Game: 179

Players In-Queue: 27

and after a few mins. the Players Queue will go down to 7. always like that.

i have a good Ping.


Hi @GiMeL

If you’re not getting games it might be because either no players near you are searching (the queue count is global), or maybe there was an issue when your ping was recorded. Try this-

  1. Stop searching
  2. Hover your mouse on the ping area on top-right of the app so it shows pings to our locations
  3. Once the pings to all locations seem stable, start searching again


@shaan7 i hover my mouse on the ping area and its stable, my ping is 34. my set ping limit is 50



So I checked your ping record on the servers, you ping <50 on SG and SG-3. Once there are 9 other people that ping good to those two, you will get a game. Please continue searching.