Cant make servers


How do I make a server on sostronk after the update? Can’t seem to find anything on the app


You can use the Practice button to create a Practice server. To play a PUG, hit the PUG button on the app to search for a game. For Scrims use the Scrim button for your team or for a mixed Scrim.

Read these for more info-


we sat in a 5 man play lobby for like 45 mins and found no match. And i think he’s asking about the normal pugs which we could make easily previously and people could join which isn’t available after the update.


@JamesbonG hmm, sometimes there might be other players with similar rank/ping and they might end up getting matched. One of the improvements we are going to make to the system is that players searching for long time will be given priority so this won’t happen.

As for Wizard PUGs, the option to manually create a unranked PUG server has been replaced by the ranked PUG. However, there are two new Practice modes that are Coming Soon for people who want to improve their CS.


one more thing, does a little high ping have anything to do with the matching process? I mean sometimes i’ve like 120 ping on b’lore and 150 ping on mumbai. does that affect the searching if I’m in a lobby and other lobby players have more or less ping than me?


I dont think it matters with the sostronk mm… Its about ur IRand rank… And i think within 1 week all ranka will be settled and players will get placed in thier worthy rank


the only problem i’m facing at times is the go button won’t work and it wont search… sometimes it starts searching and 22 or 32 players are in que but i can’t find a match.


Thats is mainly becoz of the ir… But with my ir around 7. + I get matches most often after tje update