Cant login into the app, the tab doesn't work

hello dear admin, i have been trying to login and play in the beautiful gaming platform known as Sostronk but I’ve not able to “login” into it. The tab “login” doesn’t click no matter how much i try to. As such, i have already tried re-installing the app over and over again but ultimately failed to resolve the problem and had to reach out for your assistance. Please guide me in resolving this problem that denies my involvement in gaming. as a professional player.
ps:- i tried turning off my wirewall and anti viruses aswell but no known effect was noticed,


Is this the first time you are trying SoStronk? We need logs to find out whats wrong, download our logs reporter from . It will create a zip file on your desktop, please send it to

I’ve found that the issue is due to my USB 3.0 driver. The driver is corrupt or has some issues and i tried reinstalling the driver but the same login click issue is alive. Just help me to get through this disaster. Thank you !