Cant leave team "Member alias was not provided" plz help

pretty much the topic… when i click on leave team " Member alias was not provided" appears… which i dont know what that means

Hello , I have the same problem … we want to register in this tournament in a new team so as other team members of team Unlimited Skills … please do something fast as we intend to join the PGL tournament…

Having the same trouble. Cant leave team. Please fix this fast SoStronk.
Have to play a tournament. Thank you

Hi, apologies for the problem. It was a temporary issue and has been solved.

i have been kicked from a team but still it shows i cant join another team
.i fave a match esl strtr @7pm … pls help asap

sir shaan pls help me i cant join a team even after getting kicked form it.


I see that you are part of team. You can’t be a part of multiple teams.

but i want to leave this team . this team has knocked out of current tournament registered in.

team leader has kicked me but still i my name is displayed in this team

i played as a standin in pgl minor qual for this team but we lost and got kncked out

i jst want to leave this team n join my main team

and we dont have any upcoming matches or any tournament

my problem is i cant leave this team even after getting knocked out @ServerGuy

I have changed the roster. You should be able to join a different team. But if you are planning to join a team which is playing in the current tournament, the team can be disqualified.

ok thnk you @ServerGuy