Cant install sostronk app in my pc


the error is shown as i uploaded a pic
i cant install sostronk app


Hmm its failing to download this file

Are you able to download this file normally?


ya its a zip file of 10.7mb and after downloading it
what are the next steps ?? to install sotronk app ? please rply fast


Hmm then that error should not have come, anyway you can try the offline installer


but there are so many files in that zip files ?
what to do with that files ?


as shown in the uploaded what we have to do with these files ?
help ? rply fast as possible


You don’t need the files in 7z, i asked to download to test if the download site is working fine for you. (Also the first screenshot is windows 8 and next is XP, what are you using?)

Just download the offline installer I linked above and use it.


okay thanks its done i am using windows 8 it was my friend from office who rplied on this topic
are mumbai and banglore servers down ? from 2 days ?


@shaan7 rply if u der ???