Can't get a match


It’s been 25 mins now and 74 people in queue but i still don’t have a match yet! There’s something clearly wrong here. Not only today but this happened yesterday also…



This is because a lot of people are searching from EU etc who will not be matched with other users from Asia region. You will get a game as soon as there are enough people searching from your region.



I’m having the same trouble in EU … there are ppl looking for game in EU but it doesnt get a game for me and its not for ping maybe there are few sv in EU? i dont know… i really wanted to guive a try but i cant i have been trying to play in this for 3 days now and nothing… i got a match 1once and 1 guy didint acept thats all…



@MJT We had not planned to launch in EU but had launched a test server because a lot of folks asked for it. See Add EU Servers?

However, you will have to wait long times because we don’t really have a large enough userbase in EU yet.