Can't find pug on dubai or singapore


hey, i am from Pakistan. I get 75 ping on Dubai and 135 on Singapore. I cant find any pug at all. I stop searching after 15 mins. Any solution?



Yup, pretty much the same from Dubai. I should ideally find PUGS on Bangalore based servers with 120 ping but I think considering the ranking system now and if you/me are unranked it is literally impossible to find people.

The other day I think I gave it a good solid 30 minute wait while I played some TDM but then I gave up and went to play MM and suffered.

You should be able to find more matches once you have your rank I assume which is after 3 games. So yeah, I’ll try finding a game when I have more time.

@shaan7 - Any inputs? If you are unranked does the ranking system harm you the way I think it does?



I don’t think it is because of being unranked. Mostly players connect from
india and they get line like 20ms on mumbai. Why would they want to connect
to dubai or singapore?I as well stay in queue for 30mins yesterday.



The matchmaking system is not strict about ranks. It first spends half a minute trying to find matches in your rank. Then, it slowly relaxes the criteria, one rank per 30 seconds. So after few minutes your rank will not be an issue and you will get a game. If you don’t get one after 15 minutes, it means that there aren’t other 9 people who ping <150 to a location that you ping <150 to.



Ahhh good! So its not about ranks. Noted. Then I guess its just bad luck.