Cant download the demo i played just yesterday?

here’s the demo link which i wana download, but aint able to download. all i get is a 1kb file in .rar formate. please help


Looks like there was some trouble with the server you played the PUG on and the demo didn’t get recorded. Unfortunately nothing can be done about it now -_-


so nothing at all? no chance about anything related to it? i hit the rarest awp shot in overpass map from B site heaven to T spawn jumping scout guy and i dont even get a chance to make a frag movie out of it? this really sucks! please help if there is a way out, like seriously! please!


I could guess it by the fact that you posted it, but sorry there is no hope at all (I checked the server, somehow the file isn’t there for that particular pug) :cry:
(happened to me once in MM, and @ServerGuy who never got the demo of his only awp ace ever)