Cant create practice server. any tips?


please reply asap. need to practice some things


What error do you get?


it just keep on loading. cant get the ip.



Hmm, looks like something is wrong with our Hong Kong server, I’ll be fixing it in some time.


will it be taking too long? thanks for the fast reply. more power sostronk! \m/


It might take an hour, seems our HK csgo did not automatically update. Till then feel free to use some other server location if you can.

I will post a reply here once it is fixed, thanks for the patience :smile:


any update :frowning:


Yo, sad it took longer than we expected, there were some surprising problems.

Its all fixed now, let me know if you have further problems :smile:


thanks for the fast response. really appreciate it :smiley: more power sostonk :blush: