Cant connect to sostronk svs cuz of steamid


My steam id is itsrockyh and it is connected to some other sostronk account i dont remember.
My current sostronk account is itsRocko and i wanted to use my steam id on it it.
can some 1 help out pls …and i sent a friend request to shaan7 .ps check


pls can some1 reply ???



If you are sure that your Steam ID is connected to some SoStronk account (that you don’t remember), you can use “Login with Steam” on . It will login to whatever SoStronk account it is, and then you can check the alias or change password.


yes but i didnt confirm my id on that one so it says first conirm ur id id from email, pls can u help
just remove that steam id so that i can add it on my current known sostrink, pls. all my friends play on sostonk…


Ah you hadn’t mentioned that earlier. Send a friend request to and I’ll disconnect that steam ID.


I already sent u 1 this morning, i think u blocked me or something. I cant add u now …
my steam id is : itsrockyh
just like that.


Share your profile link


here it is,
by when can u remove it ?


Its done, you can now connect it to another SoStronk account


hey shaan7 how can i connect another steam id from sostronk , i sold my old id , please help me to disconnect my old account , freind req sent


disconnect this id please


@phoenix If you want to use a new Steam ID, create a new SoStronk ID and connect it with that.