Can't Connect to Any Server1


I can’t connect to any sostronk PUG server, every time i connect it just loads and takes me back to the main menu


Make sure you are using the same Steam account to launch CS:GO as the one you have connected to your SoStronk account.

To be able to see the error message, after the “Loading” screen is gone and it does a countdown from 5,4,3,…0, don’t press Continue and just wait. You will see the error message box on CS:GO home screen.


Disconnect: To play in this server get the SoStronk app from and start pugging.

I have the app, i reinstalled the app and the account im using is linked to the app, it still says this


That particular error means that the Steam account is not connected to ANY SoStronk account. Do these things-

  1. Give a link to your steam profile (the one you’re using for CS:GO)
  2. Give a screenshot of your SoStronk app when logged in



Hmm that seems right, the steam profile you linked to is connected to the account you are using on the app. Can you do the following-

  1. Go to Practice, select a map and a location (other than Mumbai) and launch
  2. Attempt to join the server.

Let me know if you were able to join the Practice server and also paste the ip:port of the server here. (I don’t need to join it, just need it to look at logs)