Cant connect to any server

Hi there
I am new to So stronk. my issue is that I cant connect to any server of So stronk. I tried both using console and ur app interface.
How ever I am able to Spectate others in your server.I have latest version of sostronk app.
Please help

Hi @Gam3Fr3ak

What error do you get if you try to join one of our servers? Please note that you cannot join a PUG, Scrim, Practice server directly from the server browser (exception being when a PUG has free slots). Instead you need to use the Wizard / PUG / Scrim button as applicable.

For example, to play a PUG, just hit the PUG button and search for a game and then join it. Also make sure you are launching CS:GO using the same account that is connected to your SoStronk profile.

I dont get any error, the game loads & at the last I get back to the main menu of CS GO.

See Can't connect to any server from the SoStronk app