Cannot play with anti-cheat off


I cannot join a server without anticheat being on, and with it, it feels laggy. There are random var spikes in between aim duels, which is making it very frustrating.

Can you please look into this.

Also anti cheat keeps on crashing randomly, and i am getting auto kicked. nice.

I have been kicked at least 3 times since last week because of Anti-Cheat shutting down. Support is not even trying to help. IDK whats with SSTK app.

@_sleepy see FPS Issues and cooldown

@roach4 see SSTK Anti Cheat Auto Shut

This doesnt solve the issue. The anti cheat crashes the game, i got kicked in 4 rounds last game with full buy. If i play with anti cheat off, nothing happens. So not an cs issue. Can you please let me disable anti cheat and play. it’s becoming frustrating to lose.

I had specifically replied to the lag issue, not the crash. If you are experiencing crashes as well, then see the link I passed to @roach4 above SSTK Anti Cheat Auto Shut

That cannot be done on request. As noted earlier, we offer refunds for some players who we are unable to fix crashes for. But we do not unmark players on request once they are marked by the server-side AC (or manually by OW).

So was i marked server side or manually by OW?

For obvious reasons we cannot disclose that.

Welp, I dc’d 2 times with 100 hp last game, in faceit its fine. No dc. I will send you guys logs, but honestly stuttering is still there. There is random increase in var through out the game.