Cannot play "PLAY"


Whenever i try to click the play button, nothing happens. I am currently playing from the US but am comfortable playing with high ping. what is the problem?


Hi @degeNNN,

Thanks for trying SoStronk. We don’t have servers in your region as of now and hence you’re not being matched up for a game. Stay tuned to our blog and facebook page for announcements when we launch in NA!


cant i play in indian servers? i am okay with that. I play pugs on indian servers anyways.


What pings do you get on the Indian servers? Is Mumbai better or Bangalore?


Both are equal… around 200 something. I am comfortable playing at those pings. I have played several pugs and its cool.


do i have to change some setting so that i can use “PLAY” to play on indian servers?


Well we have put a ping restriction in place to make sure that the majority of the players on the server have a good experience. High-Pingers give a poor play experience for the other players. As of right now, we have put a straight up ping restriction in place as a temporarily fix. We will be working on a more elegant solution and will let you know once we get that developed.


Ohh cool. Thanks for the prompt reply. cheers :smiley: