Cannot link steam id to sostronk


Hi it has been few weeks i created a id in sostronk but i cannot link that id to sostronk the page loads and it is showing the same thing all the time. That i have to link my steam id to sostronk
please help me out.


Can you share your steamID or your steam profile URL?


Sure… my steam id is ultimateabby and my profile link is


This steam ID is already connected to another SoStronk account. Please use the login with Steam to login to that account directly. Disconnecting steamIDs is not supported.


shit… i don’t remember how do i recover it can you help me out in this…please…


@ultimateabby no problem, you don’t need to remember. You just go to, press the “Login with Steam” button and it will log you in :slight_smile: . Once logged in you can see whats your SoStronk alias, email etc.


Thankyou so much… finally i remember my alias… thankyou!


@ultimateabby glad we could help :slight_smile: