Cannot find akros launcher.exe

Windows cannot find…Make sure you have typed name correctly

I have already been chatting with you via Discord. If you wish to start a conversation here, so be it.

First of all I would need confirmation that you have these files installed, please send me a screenshot.

Can you please let me know what Antivirus are you running.

Can you go to the SoStronk folder and actually check if there is an AkrosLauncher.exe there?

One of the users reported that it was being deleted by the AntiVirus. He fixed it by disabling Antivirus and uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

its not there. And i dont have antivirus software on my pc. Ive tries uninstalling, restarting everything

When you uninstall, can you check and see if there are any old files remaining in the folder.

checked just now. The entire folder disappears

No need to restart. Install SoStronk again and check the folder before opening SoStronk.

Do you see the AkrosLauncher.exe file in the folder.

nope i did not see it

The second you install do you get an Akros Update window?

yes. when i click on yes, it gives that message

Ok when you click yes does the window disappear?

Is it running or still errored?

Seems like its not running. There should be a events.log file in the SoStronk folder. Can you upload that here.

While we troubleshoot this, I have also refunded the amount to your Razorpay for trouble caused.

Okay Thank you

Are you 100% sure you don’t have any Antivirus because something is deleting the AkrosLauncher.exe process.

Can you please do this - Cannot find akros launcher.exe