Can you please delete my sostronk account


Actuall that is the bad aspect of this site. It does not give user freedom to leave the site. I want to delete my account and now I am stuck with this site because they do not let me delete my account. You guys should really add a feature to delete the users account upon the users request


any way of deleting account , any new update that allows u to delete ?



We don’t support deleting SoStronk account. Are you having an issue that you want to do so?


i cant login on the app as it shows that my email hasnt been verified although i most definitely did . so i cant even play on sostronk nor i can make another id this is the worst experience ever , better play esea <3


@Ezio1 As you mentioned, your account with alias Ezio has been email verified. Make sure you use the same alias to login to the app (SoStronk alias is case sensitive, Ezio is not the same as ezio, for example).


can you allow disconnect steam ID please?
there’s my sostronk account


i want to disconnect my steam ID and my e-mail from this account.
Ty for ur help


You can change your email ID by going to Edit Profile. However, disconnecting Steam ID is not possible.


@shaan7 My previous steam account has a VAC ban and i registered that steam acc with sostronk. Now i cant play. Is there any way i can disconnect the old steam account from sostronk and register my new steam id?


Why would they give you another oppurtunity to hack? :slight_smile:


@Ar9ab nope. You need to create a new SoStronk account.

Steam connected to wrong sostronk id

people aare swering to ban me for not clutchng the round in game…disconnet my steam id with sostronk…i no longer want to b associated with u ! as for now my steam id is tottaly visible on sostronk instead of private settings…this is felony and i no longer want to continue with sostronk…please disconnect my id !


Do not hijack other threads, I’m replying to your main post.


Hello actually i want to delete the account and create same so that i can reconnect the steam with another id i accidently connected the wrong account so and there is no way of disconnecting steam so please help me out either disconnect steam or delete my account.


Both are not allowed. You will need to create a new account (however if you just want to keep the same alias and email you can change the old account to some other alias and email. Once that is done you can create a new account with the original alias and email).


Okay thanks


how do i login into the app with my steam id? i created the account via steam id! now i dont know what to put into the password!! i know my alias! but what should i put into password


@ALi3 You have set an alias and password when you registered for a SoStronk account using Steam. You need to use the same alias and password. If you’ve forgotten it, just reset it using


delete my account or i have to file lawsuit against you.!!!


@Solenoid if you are living in a member country of the EU, let us know on