Can´t buy sostrong premium

This payment is not possible.
Your PayPal account is registered in a country where automatic payments are not allowed. Please go back to the dealer and choose a different payment method

what can we do?? —_---

Hi @scopezZ,

What country is your PayPal account registered in?

Hi shaan7,
My paypal is registered in UK, i still cant buy the subscription.
Any other way to pay?

Hi i just got an email from paypal saying its gone through but the sostronk website says it has failed and does not update my subscription

@Zakuzor we will fix it. Please send your registered PayPal name and email address to

Hi @shaan7 , ive just sent u the details can u look into it and resolve this quickly.
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Zakuzor,

I checked with your details, PayPal has created a payment plan but they have still not processed the transaction. Some times it can take couple of business days. Once the transaction has come through I will check this again.

hi shaan7
can you crosscheck if it has gone through yet, coz the direct debit is now showing up on my bank a/c

@Zakuzor yep its showing up now, I have replied to your email