Can not connect steam id beause its linked to another email acc help


sostronk alias diesel46


I searched using the SteamID64 you provided, but its not connected to any SoStronk account (so you should be able to use it). Try connecting it again and let me know.


i tried but its saying the same thing and i had made an acc first but i dint got gmail com=nfirmation that alias name was Diesel46


when i try to register with steam acc it says Your email address has not been verified, please check your inbox for a validation email from us.


Diesel46 is connected to Steam ID 76561198256589740

You can send a friend request to and then I will disconnect that Steam ID.


I have sended you the request


I got a request from (76561198256589744) which is not connected to any SoStronk account.
Maybe you should add me from ? (That is the one Diesel46 is connected to).


I have only one acc and my name is kunal Parmar and if am not connected to any sostronk acc then why am I getting the error ? Pls guide me


If you can link my steam to sostronk pls I will give you any info you want


Its done, now you can connect your steam ID where you want :smile:


i have accidentally linked my steam acc to another id . steam link -

steam name:EvolutioN*
sostronk alias - EvolutioN