Can I move my match ahead?


hello admin,
i m from team a4D have a match on 19th at 9.00 pm with Neckbreak. we want to reschedule the match from 9.00 pm to 6.00 pm on 19th March. can we do it ? we have talked to neckbreak members, they are ok with it.


I have asked one of the Indi:GO admins to reply to you here.


Hi starixera, If you have read the Tournament rules which you are requried to read before registering, Article 7 point 8 states:

Match timings will not be altered or moved around to accommodate gaming café timings, Internet routing issues or any other personal tasks or jobs participants may have. Players do not have the option of postponing or preponing a match just because the other team agrees. Tournament officials will have the final say on the match timing. Gamers are expected to manage their errands and tasks before or after the match.
You can read rest of the rules at