Can anyone tell me whom to contact for the ping issue?

Hello actually contacted my local internet provider and told them that erlier there were no issues like this but now i get high ping on CSGO Official MM servers of India(200ms) where as in Asia 1 and Asia 2 i get only max upto 80ms so i want to know who shuld i contact and tell them that its their fault my Local internet distributor or The Main ISP

please tell me from where the issue is arising

ping on speed test are normal about 20ms im s confused

Your traceroute clearly shows that your ping goes high in your ISP itself (the 4th row saying Either get your ISP to care about it, or change. will show you ping to their servers, which doesn’t mean you’ll get good ping on other servers (like SoStronk, Valve MM etc)

so is it the local distributor or the main isp i should contact