Can add some extra reconnect time (with 3 minuties)to rejoin in sos servers?


Some times lost net for 3/4 minuties.then when net came already got ban in sos which is painfull.or when got some pc issues which solved by restart its also need 3/4 mins.if some extra time can added with 3minuties will be helpfull.i got 2times 7days ban in sos in a row.i was only like play in sos servers.if can please do it.
thank you.


Please see Increase the reconnect period


Zzzz ok. :disappointed:



disconnect from the sos server because of 2 files were corrupted.


this validating steam files took time more than 3 7days cd again…can do something for this?

Please help me about this…its the 4th times i got 7days again.& the time too short to rejoin…i wish u will understand :disappointed:


can do something about this ?


I’d suggest you try to find out what it making the files corrupt again and again. Is it some malware? Or your disk has some errors? The corruption happening this frequently is not normal.


i fomat my full pc.then played 4 or 5 games…then i got the 1st validating took 3 min & some 5seconds.showed 2 files 2nd time validating it solved.where i already got ban for 7days.what can i do now :disappointed:


Did you run a full check on your disk? See

(You should run a test for bad sectors as well IMO)



no issues


there’s no issue of harddisk ,but still i got ban for this :frowning: …what to do now :worried:


Yes in this case you’re having trouble finding out why the files are getting corrupted for you so frequently. I suggested what I could think of that might be the problem.

However, you need to understand that cooldown rules are the same for everybody so we can’t cancel cooldowns unless its a server issue.


ya.but if i face this again then what to do for me ?