Bugs after new update

  1. In the middle of the game, CSGO minimized and there was ACCEPT button on the SosStronk app, just like we found a new match. It happened with all of my teammates, don’t know about the opponents. Has happened only once till now though.

  2. Not a bug, this was a feature in the previous version of the app : When we get the IP for the PUG server, earlier it used to automatically copy the “connect IP” in the clipboard after clicking on “Join”, but now we have to click on “Copy IP” button or whatever after clicking on “Join”. I believe that’s an easy fix, as it used to work in the previous version.

  3. The resolution of the profile picture in the top of the app is very low compared to the one in the lobby or on the home page. I know the thumbnail size is small, but the image looks too blurred.

Added more feedback

  1. Application cannot be resized and it was a main problem which we faced in previous version of the app.

  2. When we accept someones Invite we should automatically be taken to lobby but we instead get stuck on the page we were.

  3. Font size is too small and very hard to read.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Let me know if it happens again. We will try to reproduce it.

Yes, expect this in Saturday’s update.

We have a basic mipmap filter applied on it to smoothen out resizing artifacts, that ends up looking like a blur. I’ll see if we can do a better quality resize on the server.

Try it from the bottom-right corner.

Another player reported this as well, will be fixed in Saturday’s update.

Can you point me to the places you found it hard to read? Or this is generally for all text on the app?

Whole application is kind of blurry,hard to explain.Mostly on top right,where my alias and points are displayed.

@sy7k_wasabi um maybe you can upload two images- 1. Screenshot 2. A photo of your screen from a camera (try your best to keep the device stable when taking the photo).