[BUG] Impact Rating



This is kinda late. I should have posted this earlier but I was busy but here’s the bug anyway

Played a game on the SSTK servers (after IR was introduced) and someone had disconnected from our team (due to bad internet). So our team played 4 rounds with a player disadvantage (didn’t matter as we were winning).

At 15-5, a player filled the final 10th slot and was put in our team. He got 3 frags (base kills as Ts were rushing A site) and we eventually won the round. When the stats popped up, I noticed that his IR was a whopping 30 for playing one round. It wouldn’t be possible with the current IR breakdown

Here’s the link to the PUG game

I’ve never seen anyone obtain 30 IR in a single game before so it got me curious and I thought this might be a bug in the IR system. If anything else needs to be added, do let me know :slightly_smiling:



Hi @RatZ,

Thanks for sharing this. Its a known caveat with our first version of IR. Ringers get an undue advantage. This and many more bugs are going to be fixed in future revisions of IR.



Good to hear that! Thanks for the response :smiley: