[BUG] Editing Profile/Steam Connect via app not working


I am not sure if this is client sided or not, I tried to reinstall but to no avail. I can do both of the things using the website but when I click on either using the application, nothing happens. I can use all the other functions. Hope it helps improve stuff. Pardon me if I break any posting rules, I just joined.


same problem


Hi, you mean if you click “Connect Steam” from SoStronk desktop app then nothing happens?


Yeah, that and edit profile.


in SoStronk app, go to Settings, click Show Logs. Logs folder will open, in that sort by modification time and email 4-5 of the latest logs to support@sostronk.com and we will take a look.

@Cursed0ne you also please do the same ^


Emailed. This is the error I get. :slight_smile:

Sun Jun 21 17:40:39 2015 WARNING: ShellExecute 'https://www.sostronk.com/user/Werimeth/edit' failed (error 5). (:0, )


probably because SoStronk application doesn’t have permission to do a ShellExecute , try running it as an administrator.