Bring back kick feature

The removal of the kick feature has left no punishment for throwers and griefer in a game. People who pay for subscription do it to have a peaceful game where everyone tries to win. I realised the feature was removed due to being abused on one of my teamates but it’s a nessary feature and does good.over bad any day.


Oh you’ve no idea how wrong you are about that :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be back, once we can carefully make some changes to it that abuse becomes harder than it was.

sstk bring back the kick feature please because whenever i que i get throwers and greifers every match please bring back the kick feature.

Alright , I understand that new comers are important for sostronk’s survival as they have the potential to generate revenue. I have decent impact rating and play with friends with atleast 10 . Why do we still get ppl ‘new to sostronk/game’ as teammates . Idk if it is with a problem with the match making algorithim​ u guys use , but pls can you look into it :slight_smile:

The matchmaking algorithm has a lot of balancing built into it. The problem is that we just dont have enough players to guarantee that. Basically lets say when you 5 are searching the only other 15 people searching are those “new to sostronk” players. The algorithm has to give up after some time because we prefer to give you a game (even if unbalanced) than make you wait for 1 hour.

tl;dr: the more players there are on SoStronk, the better quality the matchmaking will be.

Hehe the funny thing is new users generate no revenue for us at all. Only players who are serious about improving their skills (by using Scrim and other features) subscribe and generate revenue.

When I say potential I ment ppl who might subscribe and give referrals

If waiting for and hour will be inconvenient (which it is) let a means where we can launch our own servers and play , like in the old sostronk. Let this feature be avail to users who have created.their account for a defined amount of time

And hence reduce the number of players searching even more leading to a even worse matchmaking experience :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw if you have 10 people, you can hit Scrim > Scrim Now and invite’n’play :slight_smile: