Bring back EasyAntiCheat



I support the effort that the team is putting in on developing their own anti-cheat. But, In my opinion, it’d be wise to keep EAC on until the new anti-cheat is ready to be served on the plate.
After taking out some time for researching, I have found out that EAC blocks any unsigned .exe files that an user tries to execute. Since the SoStronk servers are NOT VAC-secured (I found that out too), any free public cheat can be used on the servers. So, I think EAC would stop a LOT of cheaters.

Thank you in advance,


VAC is on for all our servers.


Oh alright. I had checked that long ago. I re-checked it now and it’s on, nevermind.
But it would still be a good idea to turn EAC on for now, wouldn’t it?


The main reason we had to disable EAC was that it would not work for around 1 in every 50 players that were using it with SoStronk. While that is a low number, its unacceptable if it happens with a player that is supposed to be in a match server. It being a 3rd party solution hasn’t really made it easy for us to troubleshoot these issues.