Blatant waller in a SoStronk pug


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this guy’s blatantly walling in a pug and his teammates wont kick him. What alternative do the people playing against him have rather than leaving the pug? I know you guys are constantly working on an anti-cheat but this shiz sucks. Please look into it. Thanks!

PS. : Just watched the demo, They’re all playing together and even after calling him out and asking them they just turn a blind eye and keep on playing. You can see for yourself and decide.



This is admittingly true. I hope the admins look into cheaters and take the matter more seriously because it makes the matches we play unenjoying. Me and my team faced wallers in our previous game and we reported several times and even asked his teammates to kick him but they wouldn’t. So we had no choice but to leave. I hope this cheating no longer continues.



True blatant hack



Reviewed. I don’t see how this is ‘blatant’.