Blatant hacker in Sostronk PUG -

sam007 - The Blatant Unsuspected Hacker
I was playing a PUG this afternoon and was having a bad start. I was not a victim of the blatant hacking that started in the start, but I soon realised what I was getting myself into. sam007 started hacking blatantly, but was never once suspected by his teammates due to his bad crosshair placement and noob-like movement. Here is just a note of the rounds in the first half, in which he blatantly hacked and I got tired to even make note of them in the second half.
Round 2 - blatant prefire without checking any other corners (in market)
Round 3 - prefires to spots without seeing the player. Tracking players through walls (b site)
Round 4 - prefires at b short and connector with exact knowledge of the positions of the enemy players.
Round 5 - he gives a call ‘everyone mid’, just by hearing a few footsteps, and he even tracks on to some of them through the wall.
Round 6 - prefire high mid and perfect scoping on enemies
Round 7 - prefire on an enemy who does not peek
Round 8 - scoping on enemies perfectly
Round 9 - perfect crosshair placement and prefiring on enemies who do not peek (a site)
Round 11 - shooting enemies not seen and perfect prefires. Shooting Desi (enemy at stairs) through tetris without even seeing his head.
Round 12 - shooting through smokes
Round 14 - prefires
Round 15 - prefire at the guy market

Please ban this player. We hope to see a hacker free Sostronk, a Sostronk which is already seeing a fall in its skill ceiling along with the introduction of a bane which is intolerable. Hackers should be eradicated from this haven of ours. (xD)

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You can always report the hackers here or use .report, but there might be a delay. You can also report them via our discord We usually have an admin or two monitoring that channel. They will jump right in and take action if the hacker is blatant.

Thank you for doing your part and keeping SoStronk clean :slight_smile:

@akS Thanks… Appreciate the effort from Sostronk admins. :grinning: